We have an amazing selection of fresh craft cocktails, created from scratch with handcrafted syrups that are made in house. Mixed using fine spirits, fresh juice and great ice. Our bartenders put in hours of research and testing, to make sure our we are serving the perfect cocktail. As part of our commitment to craft everything we’ve curated an amazing draft line up of local beers and Kombucha. Download the menu below for the full list.


We handcraft our sodas in house, using fresh local ingredients. All the syrups we use in our sodas are made at District Eatery. That means no artificial ingredients or high fructose corn syrup. If you want your soda with a little kick, then we’re happy to spike it with on of our fine spirits.

Power Teas


A 300-year-old traditional recipe with a modern twist. Made from coconut milk OR whole milk our process takes 36 HOURS to create each house made punch, that is packed full of proteins, vitamins & minerals with all natural flavours. Our teas contain 1oz of alcohol per serving. Made in batches, we have a limited selection of each punch available daily, so ask your server for the current offering.

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